Saturday, 20 November 2021

Schizos - Come Back With A Warrant


  I don't think I'd come across New Orleans band Schizos ( until a few weeks ago when I played a track by them called Ugly on the Just Some Punk Songs show ( It was a very enjoyable and rather noisy song that slotted in well in the 2nd half of the show alongside music by the likes of White Stains, Quarantine, Loose Nukes etc. It was taken from their ep Come Back With A Warrant and promised we'd be getting something pretty damn special. The ep is now out and that promise has been fulfilled. 

  Before pointing you in the direction of the ep, I'll quickly mention that the band line up with Dale Schizo (Lead Vocals), Sammy Schizo (Lead Guitar), Hotdog (Lead Guitar), Los (Drums) & Mr. Hand (Bass) and that they've got a very interesting looking bunch of releases dating back to 2016's Fuck Iggy Pop ep which I'll certainly be checking out and suggest you do to :

  The new ep is on Nashville label Sweet Time Records and is available on vinyl (500 copies) or digital download

  Side one features 3 lean, mean cuts of bruising hardcore punk that barge down the door before getting outta there quick sharp. The flip side is the title track and it's a more drawn out affair lasting as long as the preceding side but which is no less intense. A wall of noise guitar barrage and splendidly hollered vocal delivery, this is Come Back With A Warrant... 

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