Saturday, 13 November 2021

MC16 - United States of Generica


  When I was sent the new single by Shropshire trio MC16 ( I replied to bassist/co vocalist Andy Quinn that I was thinking of describing it as "a brooding social commentary about cookie cutter gentrification and the creeping death of social identity in favour of identikit modernisation" but couldn't decide as to whether that was a well written summation of a very impressive song or whether it was total bollox. For me, it's a snappy and pretty accurate one liner to which he replied "Well that put a smile on my face, clearly comedy if the writing falls down!" 

  It's the way I tell 'em. 

  The band's take on the single is that it "bemoans the process and solution of ‘Saving our High Streets’ which seems to condense down to ‘If we can help rich developers and rich brands become even richer then we will save it." Andy comments that “High streets have just become memories now. I remember some of the great characters of our high street like the man who was always dressed as a cowboy shopping with his Mum, and the busker with only one string on his guitar. Now its just a middle ground of mediocrity!” 

  Guitarist and co-vocalist Carson chips in with “You can’t just blame the death of the high street on the internet. High streets are very product focused but me personally, I don’t buy a new brand label t- shirt every week but I would be more of a user if they were more service or experience focused and built on need not gain.” Drummer Duffy tells how “I used to think I was psychic. I could be in any city centre for the very first time and know where all the shops were. But then I realised that all the city centres are all just generic. I am not psychic Pah!”. 

  I think my one line description was pretty accurate all things considered guys. I'll just add that it's a great single and a worthy addition to an impressive back catalogue of single releases (most, if not all, are featured elsewhere on this blog and can be found on Bandcamp Debut album next chaps???

  This is United States Of Generica... 

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