Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Spike Pit - Pretty Girls


  Earlier this year I played a couple of songs on the show by a band from Cleveland, Ohio, called Woodstock '99. Pitched as Poison Idea meets The Germs, they released a rather abrasive Self Titled ep on north east of England label Serial Bowl Records                                                                              (you can check it out here : 

  Now members of Woodstock '99 return in a new band called Spike Pit and they've just released an album titled Bastard Of No Future. Once again it's on Serial Bowl and the label describe it thus, "intense and 'in your face'. With venomous vocals and ear splitting guitars, there's no let up from first song to last, Bastard Son Of No Future is an album of sheer intensity and anger..."

  They ain't kidding. We're served up a dozen scorching cuts of all out hardcore mayhem. The recording is rough and ready, the pace is fast and furious, it hits hard. It's available on ltd edition cassette (only 30 copies) and digital download :

  There's a few copies on vinyl on their way from the USA so I guess if you're interested you might be best contacting the label

  I think this is my favourite track. Play loud. It's called Pretty Girls...

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