Monday, 5 March 2018

KRANG - No fun in Fundamentalism

  KRANG are a skate punk band from the Czech Republic which began life in December 2014 when 4 friends who played in other bands decided to start a fun side project. Inspired by the 90's skatepunk scene (Millencolin, Descendents, Bad Religion etc), they soon released debut ep OK USA! and followed it with an album called Baddest Brain. After honing their sound with tours of such far flung places as Mexico, Central America, Israel and Japan they've recently released sophomore album Singalong.

  Dan Rola, Tomas Gabko, Stanislav Holis and Tomas Hennel are the band members, the new album is available from both Bird Attack Records and Melodic Punk Style. The songs are fast and fun with titles such as Indiana Jones Hates Snakes And Nazis, Zombies Should Be Slow and Kick Ass Or Chew Bubble Gum. You can check it out here :

  They're planning on Uk and US tours this year so keep an eye on their Facebook page for details :

  Short and sweet, this is No Fun In Fundamentalism....

Hey you! Holy man! 
It’s 2016 remember it well 
There is no point to act stupid 
and hurt people 
because you think you can 

Hey you! Holy man! 
It’s 2016 remember it well 
Let us go, let us live in peace 
Does it ring any bell? 

There is no fun 
In killing people for your god 
There is no fun 
Your holy book is all you’ve got 
There is no fun! (NO) 

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