Saturday, 17 March 2018

Crom/Dam - Black Nylons


  Chrom/Dam are a new Canadian "static-punk" band from Victoria, British Columbia who feature two members, Tiemen Kuipers and Shelby Rambo, of Line Traps (another Victoria band who featured on here a few years back

  Their first release was a live demo which they released last October, 30 copies which they sold at their first 2 shows. Another limited release was January's VHS single which appears to have been limited to 8 copies! Now They're preparing to release a special lathe cut 7" of their new Black Nylons ep. There'll be 50 copies of this and it'll ship the first week in May. No idea if any are still available but if you like what you hear from them and you want a super limited edition slab of vinyl (plus isue 1 of their Chromosome Damage zine) then hurry over to Bandcamp (where the ep is already streaming)

  You can find more info on them on Facebook :

  This is the title track of the ep, Black Nylons....


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