Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Weird Lovemakers - 1, 2, 3 (I'm Ready) (For Your Love)

  "Mick - watch that hector Jaime shit. Don't forget about the west coast on your pop punk ride. Arizona had rad bands.

weird love makers?! Never get over you skis. Love what you're doing."

So said the message that popped up in my in box (cheers Ke nny). Ok, thought I, let's

investigate further and hope they aren't crap. Luckily that certainly wasn't the case and


Whilst ploughing through some of the info that appears online concerning The Weird

Lovemakers I discovered that they operated with a no veto policy. This ensured that each

band member had a voice and an outlet for their creativity. This in turn led to a wide diversity

of sound in their material. They also operated a Never Decline, Never Request rule which

saw them become one of Tucson's most popular bands as they rarely turned down an

invitation to gig.

During their active years, around '94-2000, they put out an album (in '96) called Electric

Chump and one (in '98) called Flu Shot (from which today's song comes). There were also

various singles, splits, cassettes, live and compilation albums. The best known line up

consisted of Hector Jaime (vocals, bass), Greg Petix (vocals, guitar), Gerard Schumacher

(drums, vocals) and Jason Willis (guitar, vocals).

  If you want to read more there's a long interview with them over on Razorcake :

  This is a catchy and pretty great song called 1,2,3 (I'm Ready) (For Your Love)...... 

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