Friday, 30 June 2017

The Hipshakes - Listening


  The more observant amongst you may have noticed that for yesterday's update I posted a song by Manchester band Freak Genes. I mentioned a number of bands that the 2 members also featured in but then last night I was contacted by the owner of Crocodile Records telling me Andrew Anderson is also in The Hipshakes and they've just released a new single. I'm pleased to report it's very good so I'm going to feature it today....

  The Hipshakes are a garage/punk/powerpop band formed in 2001 and have released a decent sized catalogue of music (Check out their Bandcamp here :
 As well as Andrew Anderson (guitar/vocals), there's also Daniel Russell (guitar/vocals), Bruce Sargent (drums/vocals) and Ben Russell (bass/vocals).

  The new single is a double A side featuring Listening and Outside Lines and there's 300 vinyl copies (200 black, 100 white) available on Crocodile Records :

  The video you'll see below was filmed on the hottest June day since 1975 which is why no one seems to be wearing many clothes! There's also plenty of scenes featuring streakers so you might not want to view at work. The song is about the difference between merely hearing sound and truly concentrating and appreciating what you hear. It's called Listening.....

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  1. Please check out The Hipshakes other Crocodile Records release "You think you know" Its on YouTube.