Friday, 9 December 2016

Joe Zero - SYRIA

  Another Christmas song today

  But before you run a mile, despite containing sleigh bells aplenty this song has very little to do with the Festive Season  and is more concerned with highlighting the plight of those unfortunates (especially the children) caught up in the absolute clusterfuck that's currently playing out in on foreign shores. As you'll see if you watch the video, it certainly isn't your typically saccherine sweet Xmas offering.

  Joe Zero, aka Joe Moody, will probably be better known to most of you as the singer/songwriter, guitarist with golden era Belfast punk bands Victim and The Androids. Now based in Manchester he's more interested in world peace and tiny furry kittens than anarchy and chaos though he certainly hasn't lost his rebellious streak.

  Earlier this year he released his first solo album, Scorpio Unbound, and now he's back shining a spotlight on a country that's currently a battlefield for the war games of various parties pushing vested interests as innocents are killed, maimed and displaced.

   Titled Syria, the new single brings to mind the classic Christmas Songs of your youth (think Emerson, Lake And Palmer, Jonah Lewie etc....) but doesn't skate round the rape of the titular country. Is it punk? Hell yeah, coax in those masses with a catchy tune and give them some meaty lyrics to ponder.....this is what's happening in 2016 guys, don't turn a blind eye. "This is a protest song."

  The single and album are both available here : The video's below.

  Future plans include a series of new singles, the first of which will be released on Fri 13th Jan. Others will follow mid Feb and 17th March and they'll all be accompanied by promo videos. In May, Joe will be releasing his second solo album, The Eternity Man.

This is Syria......

Can you hear the Children Crying? 
Frightened by the Eagle's Claws... 
Can you hear the Women Weeping? 
Frightened by the Bear that Roars... 
Can you hear the Spirits Screaming? 
Frightened by the Serpents' Swords... 
Can you hear the heads arolling? 
In the Fields of Syria... 
In the Fields of Syria... 

Chorus> SYRIA. (x4) 

Can you see the Sparrows Scattering? 
Frightened by the Bells that Toll? 
Can you see the Dragons Flaming? 
And a Poison Thorn on a Bloody Rose... 
Can you feel Time's Heartbeat Fading? 
As we swirl around our Star... 
Why are all God's Nations waiting? 
To stop the Rape of Syria... 
To stop the Rape of Syria... 


(Repeat 1st verse with CAN'T...) 



  1. Sincerely, this one is not so good. It happens.. and it's only my opinion

  2. Video keep's freezing & has major auto problems.