Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Fastbacks - k street

  I feel in the mood for some bouncy pop punk today so let's go with one of that genre's greatest tunes.....

  The Fastbacks got together 35 years ago in Seattle, their line up notable in the early days for the inclusion of future Guns n Roses bassist Duff McKagan on drums. I could try and list their various line ups (basically Kurt Bloch, Lulu Gargiulo and Kim Warnick plus a multitude of drummers) and releases but you'd be better advised reading up on their bio here : http://rickfoundation.blogspot.co.uk/

  I think all that I need to say is that they were active between 1980-2002 and in time they released a plethora of catchy punk influenced pop songs, my favourite being K Street.......

 After all the troubles come and gone
They were here for so long 
Now I've got this sinking feeling
Everyone seems to be leaving

And I can't believe how lonely it is here on K Street
There's no-one like me here on K Street
How lonely it is here on K Street today

I thought that all the problems had gone away
I found out where I could be
They were back the very next day 
And I don't know what to believe

I've stood right here a million times before
There's nothing I remember anymore
Has it all changed so much or is it all in me? 
Please lift me up and let me see! 

No one understands me completely
I try to make myself clear
No-one ever believes me
I couldn't be more sincere

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