Friday, 30 September 2022

AlterModerns - Out In The Street

(photo : Emily Parker Photography)

  I've seen a fair bit of talk online about AlterModerns ( (all of it very positive) and I've enjoyed the singles I've heard by them (She's Not Yours, Wednesday, Overdose Of You) so it was a bit of a no brainer that I'd be checking out their new album. I wasn't disappointed.

  The band are a duo from Brazil who are now based in Bristol. They play an mix of garage/punk/blues/psychedelic & rock n roll and add a dash of their native Brazilian music to spice things up a little. Vocal duties are shared between drummer Ananda Kuhn and guitarist Glauco Caruso. In a similar way to Just Some Punk Songs' favourites The Courettes, there might only be 2 of them but the energy and enthusiasm displayed produces a big sound. 

  That big sound is very much offered up on the album. Titled Side Effects Of Reality, the singles sit prettily alongside other highlights which include the song you're getting at the bottom of this write up, Bag, Pieces and The Others. It's available on coloured or black vinyl and digital download from Groovie Records :

  This track is called Out In The Street, as well as the studio version I'm also posting a very fine live version. Both are well worth your time...

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