Saturday 17 September 2022

Long Knife - Scum


  This one will batter you senseless...

  Portland (Oregon) hardcore punk outfit Long Knife ( return to Just Some Punk Songs today with a choice cut from their brutal new album Curb Stomp Earth. (Their previous 2 appearances are here if you want to catch up

  Mixing 80's hardcore with flourishes of classic rock, they describe themselves as being akin to "Kiss playing Poison Idea, with a healthy amount of Japanese hardcore and even some British hardcore thrown in." As I mentioned above, they're pretty brutal BUT (and this is important) they incorporate enough melody and tunes into their ferocious noise to make it palatable to ears as delicate as mine (I'm not a massive fan of hardcore that eschews melody in favour of all out assault but these guys get the mix pretty much spot on). 

  The album kicks of with something sounding like a host of heavenly heralds welcoming us to the messiahs of hardcore punk but they soon leave the scene and let the mayhem ensue. From this moment on, it's a pedal to the metal, aural assault. The album's available on vinyl via Beach Impediment Records and Black Water Records as well as on digital download :

  I played the title track on a recent show, today I'll feature their new video. This is Scum... 

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