Saturday, 31 December 2016

Yorkshire Rats - Alone Together

  Yorkshire Rats were formed in 2004 by ex Abrasive Wheels guitarist Don Mercy. They released the Lawful Civil Rights 7" & an ep and supported Rancid before going on an extended hiatus in 2007. Fast forward a few years and 2015 saw them release an album on Indelirium Records called Sea Of Souls and earlier this year there was the Trouble City ep. You can check out those last 2 here :

  Currently lining up with Don Mercy (who is now lead vocalist replacing original singer Sean Brewin) are Matt Lee (lead guitar), Josh Clarke (bass) and Chris Furness (drums). They've recently announced there'll be a new single coming out on 10th January on Northern Ruff Records. They've already done a video for it.

    This is Alone Together.....

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