Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Cundeez - Gangs o Dundee


  One from a few years ago today. The Cundeez are a working class punk band from the streets of Dundee. With their broad accents and occasional use of bagpipes they're an authentically gritty Scottish treat that should go down well with those that think bands like The Real McKenzies are slightly too polished and maybe not genuinely Celts.

  They've been together for around a decade, originally they were best known for re writing punk classics for their local football team, Dundee United. With frontman Gary Robertson also being a poet and published author it was only a matter of time before the football songs took a back seat to gritty socio and political themes. 2017 will see them release new album Teckle And Hide.

  The song I'm posting below featured on 2010's debut album, Cundee Radio and is a pounding look at the tribal goings on in their city. It's all police sirens and Oi Oi Oi chants and it's really rather good. This is Gangs O Dundee.....

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