Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mekons - Dan Dare

"Outer Space, It's A Really Nice Place....."

  Yesterday i waxed lyrical about a song that I loved as a school kid and still thought was one of the best ever released. And then I posted a different one! Today I'm going to do the same; Where were you? by The Mekons came out in 1978 and can still hold it's own with anything that's been released since. But you've all no doubt heard that so I'm posting one by them that not quite as many of you will be familiar with but which is pretty much as good. First up though, here's the usual brief intro.....

  Mekons formed in Leeds in 1977, taking their name from the follically challenged bad guy from the Dan Dare comics. Their first single, Never Been In A Riot was a satirical response to The Clash's White Riot and this was followed up with the aforementioned Where Were You? 1979 saw the release of the first of a great many albums, it was titled The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strnen and it featured today's song of the day.

  Despite several line up changes, the band have been active pretty much ever since though they moved more towards "cowpunk" and alt-country as the years went by. There's plenty of info about them online if you want to read more so I'll just leave you with some music. This is Dan Dare.......

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