Monday, 23 March 2015

Lee Perry And The Upsetters - Clint Eastwood

  I've still got several brand new songs that I'm itching to post for you but breaking things up a little for the sake of variety, today I'm tossing into the mix a sonic hand grenade in the form of a dash of reggae from 1970. Punk and reggae have always complimented each other well and I think this instrumental fits in nicely on this blog.

  Rainford Hugh Perry is better known as Lee "Scratch" Perry and is a legendary figure in the reggae world. I don't think he needs much of an introduction other than to mention that aside from his own extensive back catalogue he was also responsible for producing some of the best works of many of reggae's greats, not least Bob Marley And The Wailers.

  The Upsetters were formed from the ashes of Gladdy's All-Stars and were Perry's house band around this time (several of them would go on to become Wailers).

  Anyway, the song I'm posting today was released in 1970 on Pama Records and is the title track from the Clint Eastwood album........

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