Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Jamie Flanagan (Tear Up)

  A top 10 today selected by Tear Up vocalist Jamie Flanagan. Tear Up are the Watford based Oi! punk band that i posted in the blog yesterday. They've a debut album, Playground Politics, coming soon and you can find out more about the band here :

  It's not really a surprise that Jamie's chosen a bunch of Oi songs as his top 10 but what is nice is that he's not just concentrated on the classics, he's also picked some great new music too.

  Thanks Jamie, over to you.....

1) THE LAST RESORT - Violence In Our Minds

When i first started listening to oi! I was 12 13 last resort was one of the bands i listened to first along with rejects bargy cock sparrer i always loved this track it said everything i wanted to hear and i love it just as much today


Such a great track proper sing along crowd pleaser and its just a hit i been lucky enough to play with the rejects and they are top guys and now my 2 year old loves this song we sing it together .

 3)  ANGRY AGENDA - The Brawler

Now this track has everything its got such attitude and clever lyrics this band are possibly the best in the business

 4)  EAST END BADOES - Forever Proud

This is the first song i ever sang on stage with terry and made me start a band and it just says it all about the scene for me

 5)  ARGY BARGY - Out With The Old

I have known jon most my life great man and will help where he can this track is great the aggression in the vocals the drums the guitar just pure class

 6)  ARCH RIVALS - Social Hand Grenade

This is often dedicated to me the words say it all

 7)  B SQUADRON - Means Of Escape

We cover this song its great few words simple but says what needs to be said

 8)  TAKERS & USERS - Folks On The Hill... Working Class Revolt

Very catchy music great lyrics these are part of the future

 9)  CITIZEN KEYNE - We're Gonna Fight

I love this track is two fingers to everything wrong with todays scene

10)  TEAR UP - King Of The Car Park

Although im proud of it im not shallow enough to class it as my favourite i just want u to youtube it and check it out...

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