Thursday, 5 January 2017

Girl Power - Suicide Or Revolution


  Something noisy today so if you've any cobwebs you need blasting away, stick on some headphones, turn up the volume and press play.....

  Girl Power are from Oxford and feature the improbably named Olivia Neutron Bomb ("six and vox"), Stephen Nicks ("skins and beat bothering") and Brother Teresa ("four and rear vox"). They announced themselves with a demo in 2014, followed it up a year later with a 7" ep and have now released a mini album titled Welcome To The Gun Show. Recorded by Cameron AG and mastered (as most things seem to be!) by Red Dons' Daniel Husayn at the North London Bomb Factory, it's out now on Kibou, Richter Scale, Mangel Wax and Mono Canibal labels. You can find it on Bandcamp (along with name your price downloads of the first two releases).... 

  The video you'll find below was put together by Kibou head honcho James Domestic-Scott (remember him???  ). The song's called Suicide Or Revolution and the chant you should be singing as those cobwebs evaporate is we're better off dead.....

 Now press play and enjoy.....

Break our backs
Win our bread
Trust in us
Is what you said
We're better off dead

Break our backs
To win our bread
I'm Revolting

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