Sunday, 29 January 2017

Top 10 Swedish Punk Songs Chosen By Göran Olofsson

  Occasionally I'll ask someone to submit a Top 10 list of their favourite songs from their home country. So far I've featured Top 10's from Canada, France, Estonia and Belgium, today you're getting Sweden. Göran Olofsson is from Östersund and he's chosen 10 early Swedish punk faves. I think I've only heard one of them before so it's going to be an education for me as well as (hopefully) you guys.

Many thanks Göran

 1)  Rukorna - Ruset

    2) Ksmb - Jag vill dö

3) City Kent - Cancer

4) Missbrukarna - Du är inte du

5) Incest Brothers - Lördagspunk

6) Kriminella Gitarrer - Vårdad Klädsel

7) Liket Lever - Hjärtats slag

8) Lädernunnan - No Rule

9) Attentat - Ge fan i mig

10) Rude Kids - Stranglers

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  1. Nice selection! Sweden had/has alot to offer so that must not have been an easy thing to do this top 10.