Thursday 26 January 2017

The Putz - Time To Shave


  Are you a fan of catchy as hell pop punk? If your answer is "hell yeah!" then today you're in for a treat.

  The Putz are from Indianapolis, they formed in 2009, released their debut album in 2010 (titled Hole In One, it was remixed, remastered and re released last year) and have resurfaced intermittently since then to provide us with further doses of old school pop punk fun. They first featured on this blog almost 3 years ago when I featured a song from their excellent Knock It Off album :

  Now they're back with a brand new ep, Cut The Shit. It contains 4 "not-so-polished punk rock songs" produced by Queers frontman Joe Queer, one of those songs being a cover of Ramones classic Judy Is A Punk. The physical release is available through Something To Do Records ( or you can find the digital version (along with their earlier releases) here :

  Don't forget, if you're a fan of The Putz, drummer Dougie Tangent is also a member of another great band, Devious Ones

  Here's the opening track from the new ep, Time To Shave.....


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