Monday 28 March 2016

The Kreutzer Sonata - No Empathy


  Chicago hardcore punk outfit The Kreutzer Sonata blasted their way onto this blog early last year with a raging beast of a song called P.W.M. (Punks With Morals) Now they're back with a song from their brand new Fight Songs ep (out now on Nothing New Records) and I'm glad to report that they're still the same bile spitting, hard hitting behemoth of a band they've always been.

  Influenced by the likes of Leftover Crack, A Global Threat, Black Flag, Minor Threat etc, it's no surprise that their lyrics are as biting as their sonic assaults (sample lyric "I don't care if you're rich, I don't care if you're poor cause we're all equal in our lives and in the end I just care if you have virtue and respect your fellow man."). That lyric is from the lead track on the new ep, It's Getting Worse, and you can find it here :

  They've also released this new video for the track No Empathy.......

Steaming in the madness of the social unrest 
Blinded views, vacant threats 
Always got a bone to pick, you're on the attack 
If you want empathy then give some back 

There's so much hate 
Do you really know what you stand for? 

Left or right, unite and win 
Work together, understand 
It will be uncomfortable 
No good change isn't 

I see a broken society, the future makes me cringe 
Everyday I'm fucking sick 
Nuclear families at nuclear war 
With subcultures that mirror their scorn 

You hate 
Have empathy 
Or empathy 

Dissent in the air and evil on the streets 
In the back of our mind no one agrees 
But you don't have to agree to make things work 
Just respect we all come from different worlds on this earth


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