Thursday 31 March 2016

Modern Tribes - Pam Beesly

photo by
Jasmine-Harding Photography

  A couple of things I wasn't expecting when I decided to start posting my favourite songs in a blog were

1) that anyone would read it

2) anyone would send me music to listen to and review

  123,000 page views down the line and people are occasionally asking me to write about their records (which I'm always wary about as I've no pretensions to being a writer and I don't really want to post songs that I don't like). When Eric Evans from Modern Tribes sent me a link to their new ep, I knew I didn't have to worry about liking it (their previous single had featured in my best of 2015 list) but even so, I was a little surprised by how bloody great it is.

  I was also frustrated as I wanted to share it and shout out from the rooftops "listen to this, it's brilliant!!!" but as it wasn't yet out I wasn't allowed. I had to content myself by giving my thoughts to Eric (which were these few enthusiastically fan boyish lines : "right, honest opinion on first run through : you sound dated. before you get the wrong idea, i mean dated as in you're reminding me of a time when there were a few great bands playing this sort of music. bands like mcluskey and the pixies. to be honest you don't sound much like them but you have that same sort of exciting vibe, i'm never sure exactly what i'm gonna get next from you. it's good old fashioned quirky rock that isn't in the least bit old fashioned. at your best, you match those great bands which isn't something i say lightly. there's hundreds of current bands that i've put in my blog and you don't really sound like any of them, you're tweaking a classic sound and making it fresh and exciting! ).

  Happily, the video for the lead track has now been posted online so I can post it below and I can give you the link where you can pre order the limited edition ep (which has the splendid title of Everything Is Dying And I Will Probably Die Soon Too) :

  It's hard to believe that the band (who are from Oswestry, England) have only been together since Jan 2015, the sky is the limit for these guys. Check them out on their European tour which kicks off on April 22nd. Any queries contact them at or on Facebook :

  My favourite song of 2016 so far, this is Pam Beesly.....

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