Saturday 5 March 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Ade Bailey (Enemies Of Promise)

  Following up on the song I posted last week by politically charged Wolverhampton melodic punk band Enemies Of Promise (, today I'm bringing you a top 10 chosen by songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Ade Bailey. It's a mixed bag of great songs which I think you'll enjoy and my thanks go to Ade for taking the time to select them.

  If you've missed Enemies Of Promise's album, Heroes And Villains,  you can listen to it here :

 1)  Elvis Costello – “You’ll Never Be A Man” – to be honest, I could could fill the whole 10 with Costello songs. He has been my inspiration for the past 40 years. Granted, he’s made the odd dodgy album but just a songwrting genius. No-one comes close for me.

 2)  The Decemberists – “This Is Why We Fight” – probably the most punk-rock non-punk band around. Colin Meloy writes just beautiful melodies and words.

 3)  The Clash – “Ghetto Defendant” - I’m weird in that Combat Rock is my favorite Clash record. The arrangement, the way the spoken word fits with the band, sublime. If Combat Rock was made in 2016, it would win the Mercury Prize, it was that innovative.

 4)  The Lawrence Arms – “Your Gravest Words” – If you haven’t check out this band, do so. Another one that proves all the best bands have two songwriters in them. Some of the best lyrics around too.

 5)  Alkaline Trio – “Only Love” – See above ref the two songwriter thing! Massive fan of all Danny Andriano does (and he’s a mutual Costello addict) Seen these guys well over 20 times.

 6)  Aztec Camera – “We Could Send Letters” – Both Rob and I share a huge love for this track. Something I’d kill to have written, Roddy Frame was 17 when he did. Bastard!

 7)  Rancid – “Roots Radicals” – If this song doesn't get you up and dancing then you have no soul. Heard it a 1000 times but it still gets my blood pumping.

 8)  Jaya The Cat – “Here Come The Drums” – Lovely bunch of fellas and one of my “go-to” tracks for making me smile.

 9)  Manic Street Preachers – “If You Tolerate This…” – If pushed, I would choose this as maybe my favorite of the whole 10. Simple, relevant and that “..I’ve walked Las Ramblas..” line gives me chills every single time.

10)  Tom Waits – “Gun Street Girl” – The whole of “Rain Dogs” is right up there in my opinion. Wonderful record and the images Tom paints in this track are just superb. Kinda like a Dashiell Hammett novel set to music.

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