Friday 11 March 2016

EK Decay - Nuclear Nation

  "Forget your past and wipe the slate clean, create a new future from the ruins of this fucked up world."

East Kilbride's alternative gasmask rockers EK Decay return to Just Some Punk Songs with a new video to a song from their latest album, The Collective. Since forming in 2013, the band, David "Midi" Middleton (vocals), Rab Newell (bass), John Hunter (lead guitar) and Jamie Barnes (drums), have already gained a strong local following and have attracted plenty of attention further afield.

  The new album, a follow up to 2014's impressive No Hope, features a dozen new tracks and you can order it here :

   The song below is a rallying cry against world leaders who insist on the nuclear option whilst the man in the street would rather have an alternative, safer solution which safeguards future generations. This is called Nuclear Nation.....

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