Thursday 24 March 2016

Sonny Vincent - Infuse

  A punk rock legend on the blog today. Sonny Vincent is a New Yorker who's been involved with the punk scene since the mid 70's. He was a founder member of The Testors and has been in a number of other bands, including Sonny Vincent And The Extreme, Model Prisoners, Shotgun Rationale, The Dons, Sonny Vincent And The Guevaras and Sonny Vincent And His Rat Race Choir. He's also released an abundance of solo material and collaborations with a plethora of genre figures.

  In January of this year, his son, daughter in law and grandson were very badly burned following a gas explosion and a fund has been set up to help pay medical bills. If you haven't heard about this you'll find more details here :

  Today's song is by Sonny and it's the lead track on a compilation that's been released to help the family. Also featured on the album are a number of bands that have already featured in this blog (Ratbones, Kobanes, Slow Faction and The Prostitutes) plus a host of others. A great compilation in it's own right but also it's in a very good cause. If you can help out, please make a donation or buy the album (

  Here's a taster, a song that was originally on last years Psycho Serenades album,  it's called Infuse.....

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