Saturday 19 March 2016

The Bloodtypes - Surveillance State

  Catchy, keyboard driven new wave today from The Bloodtypes.

  Forming in 2010 and from Portland, Oregon, The Bloodtypes feature Schneck Tourniquet (vocals/keys), I.V. Frehley (guitar/vocals), Jesse B Negative (bass/vocals) and Matt O Demic (drums) and are a band that are here to save your life. Injecting a transfusion of fun into what can sometimes be an overly serious punk scene, they sing about subjects like spies, space mutants, sexy nurses, Commies and cats.....

  Their debut album, Just Your Type, came out in 2012 and it was followed a year later by the Johnny ep. Their latest release is on both P. Trash and Bomb Pop Records and is called Pull The Plug and you can check it out here :

  Just what the doctor ordered, this is Surveillance State......

I’ve been the best that I can be 
Tried to conform to society 
It is clear that things got out of hand 
I’ve done the research, I’ve done the math 
I think I see what’s coming to pass 
A program to record all our plans 

I no longer believe the lies they spread 
The NSA runs the government 
In this surveillance state 

How can I live off the grid? 
When connection is my final bid 
I wish I could condition my brain 
We’re all seduced by chemistry 
That makes us think that we are free 
When every thought’s already been claimed 

I no longer believe the promises 
The NSA is after what we think 
In this surveillance state 

Lines of resistance forming in my mind 
Where is the cure that I’ve tried to find? 
Lines of resistance won’t be taken down 
They’ve run the state into the ground 
And are we so much safer now? 
Stop this surveillance state

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