Sunday 20 March 2016

The Nerds - I Don't Like You

  The Nerds were an Italian "scum punk" band from Voghera who formed in 1997 and who lined up The Boss (vocals), King Taccio (bass), Marco Ferrarese (aka Monkey Motherfucker) (guitar) and El Pollios (drums).

  They released a bunch of singles (including 1998's Don't Like You from which today's song is taken) and a couple of albums, one of which you can listen to here : There's also a compilation streaming here :

  In 2007 they changed their name to The Nerds Rock Inferno.

  I received the I Don't Like You single in the post last week (thanks Angelo!) and it's definitely worthy of a place in this blog. 4 tracks of raw and rocking punk rock, it includes a cover of The Angry Samoans' The Todd Killings and the song you'll find below....

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  1. More about the Nerds here.
    An article-interview with Marco, the band's guitarist, and Giacomo of No Name No Logo Records