Thursday 17 March 2016

Sheer Mag - Nobody's Baby

  A welcome return today to Sheer Mag, the Philadelphia band that are making quite a name for themselves with some of the grooviest, riff-tastic songs you'll hear. The combination of Christina Halladay's vocals and Kyle Seely's meandering and hypnotic guitar once again scores a home run.

  The bands 3rd ep, simply titled 111, is out now on Wilsuns RC and Static Shock Records and maintains the high standards set by it's 2 predecessors. You can check it out here :

  All the songs are great but I'll go with the one they released a video for, this is Nobody's Baby.....

I can't contain myself when im looking at you 
i don't wanna dance with nobody else 
but i gotta know 
do you want me too? 

i get a jolt when our eyes meet 
that i can't understand 
i wanna feel the midnight heat 
and my stomach drop when you take my hand 

i've got a tender heart 
and i'm trusting you 
don't make me feel like a fool from the start 
but where've you gone 
why can't you 

dance with the one that you brought 
treat me the way i deserve? 
i gave you my love but it's all for naught 
cause you don't know just what i'm worth 

i'm nobodys baby 
i'm nobodys girl 

i can't tell which is worse 
never having known 
or wanting you so bad that it hurts 
what's on your mind? 
you don't

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