Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Tuts - Give Us Something Worth Voting For


"People Power Knock Down Tory Towers....."

  So we're going to be having another election in the UK. It looks like the result is a foregone conclusion, the electorate are going to vote for continuing with the austerity option, cheered on by the vast majority of the press who really don't seem to like Jeremy Corbyn's disunited Labour Party. Call for a strong NHS, less of a gap between the haves and the have nots, more talk/less bombing, fairer taxing of multinationals and better standards of education for our young and it seems you get labelled a crank. Yeah, Corbyn comes across as an idealist without much of a clue how to actually put his ideas into practice but that's not really a surprise given that most stories are rewritten to suit the agendas of those who have the loudest voice. Personally I'd rather give an idealist the chance to aim towards a better and fairer future, maybe it's an impossible dream but better trying and failing than carrying on as we are. That was a party political broadcast from the Just Some Punk Songs Party. Now for some music.....

  The Tuts are a trio from London featuring Nadia Javed (vocals/guitar), Harriet Doveton (bass/vocals) and Bev Ishmael (drums). They play upbeat diy indie pop-punk music with lyrics dealing with "sexism, feminism and everyday life-isms." Since playing their first gig in 2011 they've been feted by the likes of Billy Bragg, Kate Nash and Pauline Black and received plenty of radio play for their numerous singles and debut album, Update Your Brain. You can check out their music here :

  The song you'll find below featured on Update Your Brain but is now getting a timely single release. The band are also touring and asking people to voice their opinions on what they think is worth voting for. To check out the dates or to send your opinions check out their Facebook page :

  This is Give Us Something Worth Voting For.....

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