Friday, 26 May 2017

Dirty Work - Until We Die

  Dirty Work are a pogo punk/street punk/oi band from Toronto who've been together since 2014. Originally a 4 piece, they've been touring and recording as a trio since the departure last November of rhythm guitarist Scott MacLean. They currently line up with Sal Lee (drums/vocals), Mac Hicks (bass/backing vocals) and Zack (guitar/vocals).

  A couple of months ago they released their debut album, it's titled Out For You and you can check it out here : 

  They've a few gigs lined up to support the album and you can find details on those here :

  They're not going to win any prizes for originality but if you're looking for some straight up punk rock then you could do a lot worse then check out the 15 (+1) tracks on Out For You. Subjects include excessive drinking, girls with loose morals, living for the weekend and more drinking!

  This one's called Until We Die....

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