Tuesday, 10 January 2017

SHOT! - Error Strikes Again

  SHOT! are a politically distressed hardcore punk band from London who formed in 2012. They released an ep and a self titled album and then returned last year with the Masquerade Of Wolves ep. You can check that out here : https://shotpunx.bandcamp.com/album/masquerade-of-wolves

  You can also snap up one of the tracks "name your price" on this Manchester Punk Festival comp..... https://manchesterpunkfestival.bandcamp.com/album/manchester-punk-festival-vol-11

  The line up features Tom Shot, May Mansur, Lawrence Harrington and Jeremy Hayet though they also split their time over a number of other bands (The Dub Righters, The Restarts, Hex-Girlfriend) and for this reason SHOT! are currently on indefinite hiatus.  The band left me a comment : "We would like to point out that It's definite we got gigs lined up next year! However it won't be before the summer and we're unsure of when we'll kick off before that. But do stay tuned! We ain't dead yet!" *

  Heavy and angry, this is a blistering critique on the war on terror called Error Strikes Again.....

War on terror! - Create some more! 
History can tell you - She’s seen it before 
So what does it take for a lesson to be learnt? 
What does it take! What does it take! 
The answer remains between four walls 
And we bite all the headlines that are false 
And it’s too late when truth echoes, oh! 

Error! Error strikes again 
Error! With no hint of shame 
Error! No one takes the blame 
Error! Error strikes again 
Error! It'll never be the same 
Error! Again, again, again! 

Keep the content - Get rid of the form 
Propaganda to public relations 
Get better through the years and generations 
Oh no! No! 
It’s a diet regime - more harmful than it looks 
The lion's share is kept by the vultures and the crooks 
Suits on crusade to find a pot of gold 
And repeat again once the weapons are sold

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