Saturday, 7 January 2017

Personal and the Pizzas - Concentration Camp

  The Ramones sang about Bonzo going to Bitburg and now we have a band, who have no doubt got more than the odd couple of Ramones discs in their record collections, going to the concentration camp.

 Personal And The Pizzas are from Hoboken, New Jersey, and aside from their love of the original punk rock "brothers" and pizza also enjoy a few beers, The Stooges, cool cars, partying and baiting audiences.  The line up of the band often changes but is likely to feature people going by names such as Nikki Carwash, Gary with a circle around the A, Dino Di Martini, Frankie Buckles etc....

  Release wise, there's a bunch of singles and eps plus the 2010 album Raw Pie. Last month saw Slovenly Recordings gather together some of those singles and add a few new tracks on a pretty nifty self titled album which you can sample here :

  The prime slice from their tasty new platter? I'm going with the gabba gabba hey-tastic Concentration Camp......

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