Friday, 13 January 2017

J Prozac & Marky Kobane - Behind The Mask


  Friday the 13th is a day that many people associate with bad luck but I've been eagerly awaiting it's arrival this time around so that I can bring you not only a fantastic collaboration between two of Just Some Punk Songs' favourite old school pop punkers but also point you in the direction of a killer new compilation album.

  As some of you may know, after 15 years The Prozacs are calling it a day. Sad though that is, J Prozac will still be active in his other band, Stiletto Bomb have a new record in the pipeline, and he'll be thinking of recording more solo stuff. First up though is the contribution he and Marky Kobane have made to a brand new Outloud! Records compilation called A Benefit For The Victims. To celebrate the only Friday 13th we'll be getting in 2017 they've got a bunch of great bands together (Silver Foxes, The Moans, The Robinsons, The Riptides etc etc etc....) and produced what amounts to a love letter to pop punk and horror fans.

  You can find the album here : but also make sure to check out Outlouds! other releases as there's many a gem on there.

  Even hockey mask wearing serial killers sometimes feel alone (especially when all their friends have a habit of dying grizzly deaths!). This is Behind The Mask....

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