Thursday 24 October 2019

The Hallingtons - Pretty Neat

(Photo: Frode Skjold)

  As promised, here'a another winner from Monster Zero Records...

  The Hallingtons are the Ramones/Lillingtons/Riverdales/Teenage Bottlerocket loving pop punk 3 piece from Oslo who line up with Tor Hallington (drums/vocals), Mikel Hallington (Bass/vocals) and Jørgen Hallington (guitar&vocals). They formed in 2010 and have been releasing catchy 1-2-3-4 type songs ever since. They've been on here once before back in 2016 when they were running from the USSR ( and they return today (possibly still out of breath but free from pursuit) with a track from their new ep, The Hexed. It's their 3rd on Monster Zero, it features 6 snappy tracks about good girls, bad girls and super annoying girls and you can get it on vinyl here :

  Digitally, it's available here :

  You can get more info on them, including details of their appearance at next year's Puke Fest, here :

  This is the 2nd video they've released from the ep (Jesus Freak being the first ( It's simple and very cool and compliments the song well. The song is fast and super catchy and is your stereotypical boy likes girl type song that's great when like on this occasion it's done well. It's called Pretty Neat...

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