Saturday 26 October 2019

Babymachine - Abort

(photo : Chris Frape)
  Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I was telling you about a compilation of Australian bands called Short Fuse that was released by Wreckless Enterprise Records. There's now a volume 2 that shines a light on another bunch of cool Aussie punk acts and one of those bands, Babymachine, have just released their first lp since 2011. It's titled Abort! Abort! Abort! and I'll be sharing a song from it today...

  From Wollongong, Babymachine released their debut album way back in 2003 so it's fair to say that an 8 year gestation period is pretty much par for the course. They play super heavy punk rock, their live shows look a bunch of fun, all long flowing locks, blistering riffs and plenty of sweat. Their music is often humorous, often political, always hard hitting. As they put it themselves, it's akin to the roar of a thousand births. You can check out all 3 albums here :

  The line up on the new record is Bec (Lead Vox), Jacqui (Guitars/Vox), Kristy (Bass/Vox) and Trina (Drums). They've a few gigs lined up including today's album launch, the Short Fuse Vol 2 launch and a support slot with Hard-Ons and you can find out more info here :

  I'll play a different song from the album on this week's show ( but today I'm highlighting the (kind of) title track. This is a song that posits a solution to the problem that is Donald Trump (or I suppose it could be about any number of backward thinking neanderthals). All the band's trademarks are present and correct; politics, humour and great big rocking riffs. It's called Abort...

put him on a boat / send him back to where he came from / spewing from his mouth / rubbish so absurd / send him back to school / get a better education / cruelty and hate won’t fix the world / send him back undo his birth / ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! / send him to a womb / get a probe and menstruate him / pussy grabbing lunatic won’t rule the world / find the mutant gene and change the combination / sexist rants / change him to a girl! / send him back undo his birth / ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! / send him back to fucking birth / ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!

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