Wednesday 7 May 2014

W.O.R.M. - Vertically Unchallenged Baby

  One band i used to enjoy catching live whenever they toured near my (old) hometown of Lancaster were W.O.R.M. Formed in 1992 in their native Chesterfield, they've been veterans of the UK punk circuit ever since. Featuring Danny on vocals and bass and Mark on drums, they've had a revolving door of guitarists and have churned out a decent sized body of hard edged pop punk. Whilst the USA has been blessed with too many to count pop punk bands in recent years, this side of the pond hasn't been as fertile so hats off to W.O.R.M. for hanging on in there and flying the flag for Blighty. From their best (in my opinion) album, Vertically Unchallenged Baby (free and remastered here : ), this is the title track.....

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  1. nearly a year after i posted this song it's still getting several page views a day. Now either Danny Worm is trying to make it the most viewed post on the blog (in a drip drip drip kinda way!) or google's directing people to it????? it's like the justsomepunksongs' version of bat out of hell, it's hung around forever