Monday, 12 May 2014

Poison girls - Piano Lessons

Poison Girls were an Anarcho-Punk band who held strong political beliefs and challenged people to think for themselves. Formed in 1975 by the 40 year old Vi Subversa, Richard Famous, Lance d' Boyle and Bella Donna they were originally an experimental theatre based outfit who like many of their contemporaries were influenced by the exciting new punk movement. They went on to share a stage with Crass on many occasions (who they released a split single with in 1980) and continued touring round Europe throughout the 80's, releasing music that was often confrontational and thought provoking. From 1979, this was their first release, it was from a split with Fatal Microbes and is called Piano Lessons....

 We are having piano lessons
Practice your piano
Practice makes perfect

They are marching past the window
They are marching down your street
They have noticed that expensive car
And your freezer full of meat
And how you can't, rest without
The guard dog at your feet

They are drilling in the playground
They are training on the green
There's a million of them out there
And their guns are made of steel
You don't know them, but they know you
And their bayonets are real

We are having piano
We are having piano
We are having piano lessons

They've learned all their lessons
You taught them all they know
You shouted out the orders
And you told them where to go
So don't complain, when they return
The treatment blow by blow

Or will you come with us
On the run with us
With the wild girls on the run
Or will you stay behind
And take to guns...

They're marching past the window
Down your suburban street
They have emptied out the corner shop
They've eaten all the meat
So watch out boys, because they've killed
The guard dog at your feet

We are having piano
We are having piano
We are having piano lessons

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