Thursday, 29 May 2014

Martin And The Brownshirts - Taxi Driver

Today's song was re released last year but it originally came out in 1978 and was by Chester band Martin And The Brownshirts. Formed in 1977 by a group of teenagers who were inspired by the likes of The Tubes and Frank Zappa they wrote their most famous song the day after seeing the Robert Di Niro movie of the same name at the cinema. They didn't last much longer, they'd always suffered problems with violence and racism at their gigs, largely due to their name, this despite having no right wing leanings themselves (they even played several rock against racism gigs). They changed their name to The Co-Starz but their musical style changed too, later the vocalist and drummer played with The Montellas. This however is their "hit" Taxi Driver......

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  1. This is great! As always, you continue to educate me on some of the forgotten classics of punk's early years!