Friday, 16 May 2014

Scraper - kill from the heart

  A big thank you to Kevin McGovern who brought today's song to my attention in his excellent Fear And Loathing In Long Beach digital zine ( ). It's a cover of an old classic by The Dicks and it's by San Francisco 3 piece Scraper. Formed in 2011 by Billy Schmidt (vocals), Noah Charnow (bass) and drummer Chelsea Woodard (Woodard has since been replaced by Moses Rios), they released their debut s/t album in 2013. Fear And Loathing say "the guttural and grisly poetic melodies crawl through the cracks of the hyper-distorted tidal waves.....and will set your misanthropic libido on fire." I just say this is a great cover of a great song, this is Kill From The Heart.....

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