Friday, 2 May 2014

The Partisans - I never needed you

One of my hopes regarding this blog is that by travelling back and forth in time maybe, just maybe, fans of 70's punk classics will discover some new bands to get into and vice versa. It would be nice to think that 15 year old Ausmuteants fans down in Australia could get their first exposure to The Partisans from flicking through these updates, maybe fans of The Partisans will have a listen to Bear Trade or Giorgio Murderer. Whatever, punk ain't dead right....
The Partisans, from Bridgend, South Wales, got together in 1978 whilst still teenagers. Like many of the bands from that era they hung around for a few years (till 1984) before reforming years later to take advantage of the renewed interest in live punk shows. A band I always thought should have been a bit bigger than they were, they had success in the UK indie charts with the likes of Police Story, 17 Years Of Hell and Blind Ambition but never really took off like some of their contemporaries. With it's up tempo driving beat, I Never Needed You is one of my favourites.....

I never wanted to find out the reason
Of what was really wrong inside
I just didn't want to know about it
cos all i needed to do was hide
But as the days went by
and all my friends wanted to find out
I just didn't want to know about it
cos all i needed to do was shout

I Never Needed You

As soon as i was told i was going to die
A different person entered me
Some people seemed to change overnight
Oh why cant they see?
I just couldn't seem to do no wrong
All i seemed to do was right
and then with only two monthes left
That's all i seemed to do was fight
And say....

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