Tuesday, 20 May 2014

NOFX - Cool and Unusual Punishment

Almost 5 months since it's inception and the blog has tended to steer clear of the heavyweights of the punk scene in favour of lesser known but equally deserving acts. My favourite songs of all time are probably White Man and Stay Free by The Clash, Wasted Life by SLF, The Classical by The Fall, She's The One by The Ramones, Vulnerability by Operation Ivy etc etc etc but you've all heard them so there's not much point in posting them. Today though, inspired by the question "what's your favourite NOFX song?" that I saw on a group I'm going to add a song by one of punks bigger names. Formed in 1983, from L.A., currently on vocalist Fat Mike's Fat Wreck Chords label, a hefty back catalogue blah blah blah....they've got an impressive body of work to chose from but my favourite song? I doubt very much it'll top any poll but I'd go for their tale of bondage and depravity in Japan, featuring simple but great guitar breaks, this is Cool and Unusual Punishment.....

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