Wednesday 14 May 2014

S.I.B - Listless

Back in 1980 in Italy there was a band called R.N.A. Transfert who were a covers band playing songs by the likes of Iggy Pop, The Police, The Heartbreakers etc but bored of this guitarist Red G. Seventeen, Dirk and Sifney left and formed a punk band called Red Brigades. They were joined a few weeks later by female vocalist Tracy Crazy and then by rhythm guitarist S S Hirschmann. Finding it difficult to get gigs in Italy whilst called Red Brigades they changed their name to S.I.B. (short for Swelling Itching Brain which was a song by Devo). In April 1981 they recorded their only album, The Third World War, but a year or so after this they split due to musical differences. From the album, this is their 80 second masterpiece, Listless.....

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