Sunday, 18 May 2014

Down And Outs - yesterday's heroes

  Influenced by the likes of The Clash, Cock Sparrer, Leatherface and Downtown Struts, Liverpool's Down And Outs are "just 3 mates making music and playing a few gigs now and again." Forming in November 2003 they've released 4 albums of gritty, down to earth punk tunes. Their debut was 2004's Boys From The Blackstuff ( ), this was followed in 2008 by Friday Nights Monday Mornings ( ), 2012's Forgotten Streets ( ) and 2013's Lifeline ( ). The first free of those albums are available name your price. There's also (amongst other split releases and singles) a very good covers ep comprising Janie Jones, Bikeage and Razors In The Night ( ). From their latest disc, this is Yesterday's Heroes.....

Sometimes joy and sometimes pain, there's sometimes sun but mostly rain 
From birth to death we accept it's they way it goes 
You can't defect and you can't choose, you sometimes win but mostly lose 
This ear is glued to this transistor radio 

The black, the green 
White light shines inbetween 
It takes me to a place I used to know and love 

They were yesterday's heroes, but the fire's still burning bright tonight, allright 

Through decades memory starts to fade, we moved into a modern age
These parasites are rewriting history

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