Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bear Trade - Son of the manse

  Hopefully today's song is going to introduce most of you to a band you haven't heard before, even more hopefully once their new album, Blood And Sand, comes out next week you'll all rush to check it out. Think Iron Chic, fronted by the vocalist from ONSIND, and you won't be a million miles away from Bear Trade. The north east of England outfit play a "stabby, chuggy, jaggy" brand of upbeat melodic punk rock, their aim is to have fun whilst enjoying their love of punk rock, gigging and drinking. Treat your ears, this is Son Of The Manse.......

In this hands he holds up a plan that he wrote today. Penned from his fathers values. Values of simple men. 
Oh preach to me boy, you come from better stock. You can't believe what we've learnt from our own, could be of any worth. 
So many people depend on you now, but not for what you did but what you said. 
Don't turn your back on me boy, don't turn your back. The worst of us couldn't handle what you struggled with all of your life, and the words that you said don't bring comfort. I love you boy. 
Darling it's all over now, this barrel has been scraped. In twenty year this will be trivial, maybe then you'll want me back. Darling don't lose sleep. 
Building a pyramid, waging a war. Keeping the sabbath. What would the primes say? I don't know. To live in misery living a lie. 
Primes should be proles 

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