Friday, 30 May 2014

The Fall - The Remainderer (Rare Promotional Version)

Probably no introductions needed when you're posting a song by The Fall as I'm sure everyone knows that Mark E Smith and his revolving door of musicians have been releasing top quality music since 1977's Bingo Master's Breakout single. Some of you however may not realise that they're as active and as inventive as ever. Despite a back catalogue that comprises around 30 studio albums (and innumerable singles), the ideas ain't dried up yet. Definitely one of my favourite bands since i bought their Fiery Jack single upon it's release 30 odd years ago, I still eagerly look forward to their new albums (which fortunately are pretty much an annual event). Here's a different version of the title track from their latest ep, this is The Remainderer.....

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  1. After all these years, there's still no band like The Fall. Criminally overlooked, especially in the States.