Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Warwound - Let The Truth Speak

photo by Kevin Frost

  Warwound originally formed way back in 1982. Influenced by the likes of Discharge, Crass, Rudimentary Peni, Motorhead, Bad Brains etc they were a "fast, no bullshit, hardcore punk band" who released a few demos and played a few gigs round the Midlands area of the UK before calling it a day shortly after a couple of members left to join The Varukers.

  Fast forward 32 years to 2015 and original member Damian Thompson (now on guitar) resurrected the band with Rat Varuker joining on vocals, Ian Glasper on bass and Steve Wingrove on drums. Genre veterans, they've featured in numerous bands including Varukers, Sacrilege, Discharge, The Vile, Flux Of Pink Indians, Stampin Ground, Hellkrusher etc.

  Next month will see the release, on Unrest Records, of new album Burning The Blindfolds Of Bigots. There'll be a UK tour to coincide. Before that, they'll be touring Europe. Check details on Facebook

  The song you'll see below is brutal, relevant and will definitely get your blood pumping. This is Let The Truth Speak.....


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