Monday, 15 May 2017

Parasite Diet - The Traveller


  Parasite Diet are a power pop punk band from Nashville who previously featured on Just Some Punk Songs a couple of years ago with a song from their Lost In Time Album

  Today they make a welcome return as I post a song from the new album, Coast To Coast. It's a fun, 15 track tribute to their favourite overnight radio show, Coast To Coast AM and covers topics such as astral projection, falling in love with Bigfoot and killer bees. There's also covers of songs originally released by Shonen Knife, They Might Be Giants and The Outrights. If you like your punk rock to be bouncy and full of hooks, melodies and all that other catchy stuff then you can check the album out here : or here

  The band are currently on indefinite hiatus due to their drummer being unavailable to tour but it's not all bad news. Aside from the album (watch out for a limited vinyl edition) there's already plans to release an ep of already recorded new material. You can get more details here :

  This is The Traveller.....

Lying alone in my own bed 
I could be anywhere instead 
we could be anywhere you want 
I could be everywhere at once 
catch me when I'm falling down 
we can turn everyone around 
and if I mean anything, you'll wake me up before I hit the ground 

I can't sleep without you tonight 
can't sleep alone 
and I can't sleep without you tonight 

I can bring heaven home to you 
I can bring earth and oceans too 
I can see everything from here 
I have seen planets disappear 
I have seen time begin and end 
I have seen love lost in the wind 
I have seen universes fall apart and built back up again

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