Saturday, 27 May 2017

New Trash - Vicious Circle


  New Trash are a fresh faced new punk band from Leuven in Belgium, they're a 3 piece featuring Mathijs Vanhoof, Dante Van Dyck and Noah Reynders. January 2016 saw them announce themselves with the embryonic Crunch Time ep then they spent the rest of the year honing their sound before returning earlier this month with Circle. A 4 track ep, there's 150 hand numbered cds available on Bearded Punk Records and cassettes out on Recovery Records. Those looking for the digital version click here :

  Sound wise they remind me of early Green Day. Their songs are catchy pop punk missives that promise a big future is in store for them. This is the opening track from Circle, it's about being stuck in a rut, being bored and lazy with no motivation but wanting to grab the chance to break out of that torpor. It's called Vicious Circle....


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