Monday, 15 May 2017

Just Some Punk Songs Radio Show update

  A quick heads up for anyone who enjoys discovering new punk music. The saved versions of the Just Some Punk songs show are going to be uploaded to Mixcloud every week so those that can't make the live broadcast can listen at their convenience.

  Last week I broadcast a best Oi songs of 2017 (so far) special which attracted enough listeners to crash into the Top 10 punk chart. Most of the punk shows on Mixcloud feature old songs but hopefully getting a chart placing for the JSPS show will get the fans of those shows listening to the new and obscure bands that I concentrate on. There's plenty of great new music being released and it deserves a wider audience so if you check out any of the shows I upload feel free to favourite them or share them or whatever (most importantly if you like anything you hear check out the bands).

  Here's the link to this weeks show.....

  The bands played were : Caffiends / Slutbomb / Zex / Warwound / Underclass UK / Trummerfraun / Lions Law / The Tuts / Wall / The Stungrenades / Sheer Mag / Piss Test / Hung Like Henratty / Gnarwolves / Heavy Drapes / Riots / Face To Face / Angstgegner / Borrowed Time / Bring The Drones / Missile / Ann Beretta / Abolitionist / Radiohearts.

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