Thursday 30 May 2024

Snooper - I Think I’m Falling In Luv Again


  Snooper are a very cool punk band from Nashville, Tennessee who've been on the show several times but for some reason don't seem to have been on the blog. Today I'm righting that wrong. 

  Not sure what to correctly call them, egg punk? Devo-core? Hell, let's just settle for fast, playful and fun. If you've not come across them yet and want a starting off point then I'd recommend last year's album Super Snooper ( It's an album with more than enough great tunes to make you fall in love with the band.

  Their latest release will have the same effect. It's a hyper version of an early Devo song ( It takes the essence of the song and rips through it in under a minute. You can get it here : 

  It's called I Think I'm Falling In Luv Again...

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