Saturday 18 May 2024

Ultimate Thunder - Change Yer Burger


  "If this isn’t the most immediate, exciting and original 2020’s slice of dance-punk since ‘Jobseeker’  and ‘We Live Here’  I don’t know what is…."

  Those are the words of Louder Than War writer and Facebook friend Ged Babey, when he talks about the song ( I'm posting today, in his review of Ultimate Thunder's new ep A Spider Will Come To Eat Your Flesh. He also bemoans the fact that pretty much no one else is bigging up what is a rather spiffing new release so I'm going to jump on the bandwagon.

  The band ( are from Leeds and feature a line up of Matthew Watson (vocals), Alex Sykes (keyboard), Scott Anderson (drums), John Densley (synths), Kenneth Stainburn (bass) & James Heselwood guitar/ production). They play a refreshing style of post punk that you can groove on down to. They're also a learning-disabled / neuro-divergent band.

  The ep's available on vinyl, cd and digital download from Easy Listening Records :

  If you fancy something a little more interesting than your run of the mill punk racket, check it out.

  This track is delightfully playful and it's called Change Yer Burger... 

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